Attention, Female Entrepreneurs! Confidently increase your sales and visibility in just 6 Weeks


Can you imagine?


How it would feel to make consistent sales so that you don't have to worry about money?


Being able to finally let go of the doubts holding you back in your business, so that you can confidently show up for your ideal clients 

Let me guess, easier said than done, because...

You're already working non-stop on your business but you don't seem to be getting anywhere

You're fed up of seeing people around you connecting and engaging with potential clients, but you just don't know how to do the same for your business

You're too shy and afraid to "disturb" others of your offerings, so you do not talk much about it

Decision-making is literally like a chore to you, you put it off for as long as possible because you are scared it might be a bad decision for your business

You're consistently posting and sharing your offerings, but you are just not getting any responses

I Totally Get It!

Hi, I'm Stefanie

 I am a Mindset Coach, with an expertise of working with women like yourself, ready to take their business up a notch, struggling but not quite sure what is going wrong and what is actually holding your business back.

My mission is to empower that woman who feels isolated and overwhelmed whilst running her business and balancing life.

I have experienced first-hand the feelings and emotions that go into being an entrepreneur in your first year. I have run multiple businesses in the past from scratch and experienced:

      The feeling of fear to be visible on social media as I didn’t want to bother anyone.

      The feeling of being lost, lacking direction of what to do daily towards my mission.

      The ongoing questions and hunt for how to get people to buy my services, and in your case it may be your products.



By investing in myself I was able to do a lot of personal development and training, spent a lot of time working on my mindset as a business owner, something I never really knew about when I ran my previous businesses. By doing this I became fearless of any obstacles and challenges that came my way, instead, I learnt from them and grew. 

Areas I lacked knowledge or experience in, I invested time in, this in turn built my confidence and my offerings to my clients.

I can’t wait to share with you all I have learnt along the way that has worked so that you can become your confident self in your business and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

These ladies invested in themselves and did not regret it...

Jade, Hypnotherapist

Poovashnee Reddy

Anita Coit


Becoming a Confident Decision-Making Badass

By taking this course you will know how to show up confidently and increase your visibility, which will allow you to turn leads into sales

What makes this course different from the many courses out there?

Not only will you learn how to be more visible to your ideal clients so that you can generate leads and turn them into sales

You will also learn how to become more self-aware and identify any limiting beliefs that are not serving you. this will allow you to view your business from different angles, in turn, opening doors for more opportunities.

Becoming a Decision-Making Badass will also give you access to online group coaching, providing a safe space to discuss any challenges you may have faced with other members in the group and also to allow you to discuss with an expert and ask questions

For 6 weeks you will have a coach working with you, giving you expert knowledge and detailed feedback, to allow you to reach your goals quicker and get closer to your dream lifestyle. 

So, what does the course contain?

Module One-Understanding Confidence

  • What is Confidence?-Uncover the myths about confidence

  • What does confidence look like to you?

  • Discover the areas you lack confidence so that you know what areas you would like to build confidence in

  • How to build on your confidence muscle

  • The relationship between failure and confidence

Module Two-Understanding Self-Doubt and Meet your inner critic

  • What self-doubt is and how you can develop a positive relationship with it.

  • Reframing and challenging the questions that self-doubt brings

  • Tools and techniques to overcome self-doubt

  • Meet and name your inner critic

  • Techniques to reframe your thoughts

Module Four-Making Confident Badass Decisions

  • Determine your core values

  • Common mistakes people make when making decisions

  • Make Badass decisions like the CEO you are meant to be

Bonus!!! Hell Yes

Still unsure? Here's what's included

  • 6 weeks worth of value-packed videos covering everything you need to build your confidence and start making sales.

  • You will have access to me and other like-minded female bosses supporting you and holding you accountable, especially on those days when you feel demotivated or not up to it.

  • Weekly Group Coaching sessions-let's celebrate each other, gain clarity on anything you require, allowing you to achieve your goals quicker and get closer to the dream lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

  • Private Members ONLY Facebook Group, filled with other female entrepreneurs and valuable information.

  • Weekly homework and worksheets to help you understand the modules and to develop the strategy you need to be more visible online. 

Are you ready to show up 100% in your business and start generating sales?

Priced individually-6x group coaching sessions, video course, Clarity on your offer-would cost in total £1050

YOU can get it today for just £300 (Payment plan available)

Is this for me?

YES it is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are a business woman who needs to get out there, sell, and be confident

  • You are ready to take action steps and unleash your potential

  • You are ready to take control back from fear

  • You are ready to know exactly what your ideal clients’ wants

  • You are ready to turn that dream lifestyle into your reality

I reached out to Stefanie to help me discover my niche in business. She was professional, caring and personable. Stefanie was able to provide me with ideas and guidance that I hadn’t thought of previously and yet provided me the answers I was searching for. She made me feel safe and comfortable to be open and honest and therefore get real results quickly. 


I highly recommend Stefanie for anyone who is looking for a coach who will be able to guide you to obtain your desired outcome while enjoying the whole process. 


Thank you so much, Stefanie!!! You are amazing!

I was so impressed with the level of service Stephanie provided. I was having some doubts surrounding my business and she was able to guide and help me work toward finding a solution. Stephanie gave me the confidence to jump out of my comfort zone and pursue my true passion. I would recommend her service to anyone needing a helping hand to get back on track and find their true path.

Stefanie is friendly and open with a contagious laugh which eases you during the conversation making it all the more comfortable. 

It always felt like having a catch-up with a good friend each time we had a session. 

Stefanie's positive outlook and active listening always helped me leave her sessions a bit more enlightened each time. 

I highly recommend Stefanie and her services for a positive  outlook and change.

Module Three-Developing confidence on camera

  • What are your fears about being on camera?

  • Identifying the negative thoughts holding you back from creating videos

  • Release those fears

  • How to practice filming with no audience

  • Get to know your audience

  • 10 tips to appear more confident on camera

Module Four-How to make sales on social media

  • Best social media platform to be on

  • Who is your ideal client?

  • How to be more visible to your ideal clients

  • Optimise your social media pages for your business

  • Simple launch strategy for your product or service

Why now?

Simple answer- Because you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you and give your business the best possible chance to grow.


I’d like you to picture where you want to be 3 years from now.

Now if I was to ask you, do you feel by carrying on the way you are now, you’d be where you want to be in 3 year’s time?


If the answer is NO, then get on-board!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for product-based businesses?
If I miss the live group coaching session, can I still watch it?
When do we start?
Do you offer payment plans?

I’m so ready, Stefanie!!


Let’s do it


Best Value-Full Payment £300 (US$ 385)


Low installment- 2 fortnightly payment of £165 (US$ 210)

See you Soon

Stefanie x

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